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Virtual Suns Tutorial
Easy tutorial for making virtual suns using photoshop.

This is a short tutorial for Beverly and anyone else it might interest.
My version of photoshop is CS2. (Sorry for those who work with another software. I don't know if they have similar filters?)

Notice: i did not invent this technique. I know almost nothing about graphics, and i'm slowly trying to learn. Right now, i'm learning by doing various tutorials i find on the internet. This is how i learned the wave/polar coordinates technique.

For those of you used to do graphics, i guess this is like kindergarden graphics. But i was very excited to learn this first graphic babystep! :-)

The virtual sun can be easily made in 3 basic steps:
1 - make a gradient
2 - play with the wave filter
3 - use the polar coordinates filter
and that's about it!

Here are the step by step pictures:

Create a new file aproximately square shaped. Make sure foreground is black and background is white.

Make a gradient from about the bottom 1/3 to the top 1/3 (regular gradient "foreground to background")

Now apply the Wave filter:
Filter -> Distort -> Wave...

Play around with different setting; try sine or square type.
Depending on the settings you can get a very different looking sun.
Here is one example:

Finally, simply use the polar coordinates filter:
Filter -> Distort -> Polar coordinates...

Here is a second example, using a sine wave instead of a square wave:

You can make a whole assortement of suns, for different uses.

That's it!

After that, you just have to layer your new sun over a sky/clouds picture, or simply a blue background.

Open a sky/cloud picture or create a new document and fill it with a nice blue.

Paste on top of it one of your new "suns".

There should now be 2 layers.
Change the top layer mode (containing your "sun") from "normal" to "screen".

Then, using the Edit -> Free transform, rotate, enlarge and/or relocate your sun.

Then you can play with it until it looks good.
I like to blur my sun a little bit.

If you like, you can add a little yellow tint to your sun.

Now you might want (or not) to erase the rays that are on top of the clouds. Just add a layer mask (Layer -> layer mask -> Reveal all).

Paint in black with the brush tool (big size, little or no hardness) on the mask, to hide the parts of the sun you don't want. If you erase too much, don't worry! This is easily reversible. You can touch up the mask with white should you decide to change your mind and keep some more sun rays.

Et voilà!

There's many other little adjustments you can make, to get your sun just as you want. You can play with levels to adjust the brightness. You can change the opacity of your sun's layer. You can add a lens flare (Filter -> Render -> Lens flare).
(One thing i like to do is paste the "sun" on 2 layers, and work on both layers, with different opacity, and different rotations; it makes a more fuzzy sun, with more rays.)

Here are a couple of examples of variations, but i'm sure you can make something much better:

Link to this picture's page in my gallery

Link to this picture's page in my gallery

If any steps are unclear, or if you have any improvements to suggest, don't hesitate to tell me!

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